About Us

SandDancer is the ultimate indoor warm water canine therapy and fitness facility. Our focus is on your dog's physical and emotional health and well being, as well as improving and extending his or her quality of life.We provide a safe, calm, controlled swim experience.  Our one-on-one sessions are guided by a Certified Warm Water Swim Specialist and designed specifically for each dog's individual needs.
Sessions often include a combination of specific movement exercises, massage therapy and energy work.
Our pool is meticulously temperature and hygienically controlled to ensure a healthy, safe swim environment for every dog.
We invite you to sit, stay and relax in the tranquility of our spa-like setting to observe your dog's swim experience.
Veterinarians often recommend therapeutic swimming for dogs recovering from surgery, or for injured and geriatric dogs; however, healthy dogs also benefit. The buoyancy of water reduces stress on joints, supports free movement and provides a safe environment for low-impact exercise.


"Jack and Meghan came to SandDancer a shell of the dogs that they use to be. Jack's chronic back pain and hip dysplasia made it difficult for him to go up stairs, jump on the couch and go for walks. Meghan had endured two ACL surgeries in one year, leaving her with severe atrophy and a noticeable limp. I was looking for someone to help me return my dogs to the fun loving, free spirited pups that they had been most of their lives. I found that person in Mary Beth Glatz.

With her genuine to return Jack and Meghan to a pain free life, Mary beth came up with a plan. Over a four and a half month period of time my dogs, by swimming once a week for half an hour, were transformed. Meghan's strength in her leg returned and her gait now barely shows any sign of her surgeries. Jack is once again able to bound up the stairs and jump on my bed. I could not be happier with the results.
Thank you Mary Beth for treating my dogs with such heartfelt compassion. Because of you, I have my Jack and Meghan back.”

"SandDancer Cancine Swim Therapy is one of the best gifts we have given to our senior dogs. With Gus being 15, Newman 13 and Ripley 9 years old, it has given all of them a chance to be young again. Due to their arthritis, dysplasia and limited mobility, our walks became shorter, getting up and down from their beds and daily living skills have become a challange.
A heated swimming pool, with a kind caring soul as Mary Beth was an answer to our prayers for better wellness, health and happiness and just plain old fun. With swimming, our senior dogs continue to enjoy building their stamina, muscle tone, and the ability to move around without so much pain, swelling, limping and being able to do some of their daily activites without the struggle. With the confidence they have in themselves, we were able to add extra steps into our walks, get up and move around without as much assistance, and simply relax with their minds, body and spirit to enjoy life to its fullest.
We recommend this wonderful opportunity to any of you dog lovers and your dogs that would like to experience the joy we have in giving back to our family. The special bond that you share with them through this journey is priceless.
THANK YOU MARY BETH, for the Compassion, Kindness, Caring and Patience that you have shared with our family through this wonderful gift you have to offer."
~Gus, Newman, Ripley, Kim and Jay

"Since beginning warm water swim therapy at SandDancer, our dog Gordy has made incredible strides in knee surgery rehab. After just one month of twice weekly swim sessions, our vet told us Gordy's recovery was finally on track and to keep up the good work! Following two months of bad checkups, this was music to our ears. Thank you Mary Beth for getting our Gordy Monster healthy again!"

~Jordan & Justin, Orchard Park, NY

"Domino is our 2.5 year old Springer Spaniel. A few months ago he ruptured his ACL while chasing a frisbee. The vet told us the best treatment would be surgery—but even with surgery, a full recovery could not be guaranteed. Then we heard about SandDancer Canine Swim. We knew swimming would be the best treatment for Domino! He has been swimming for the last two months and can now put full weight on his injured leg. He is so excited to arrive at each swim class that he cries the whole way there. He is no longer in any pain and we hope to see him make a full recovery thanks to SandDancer!"

~Laura Klopp

"My name is Luca and I am a 11 month old golden retriever puppy.
I am a happy and energetic puppy but I had a fear of the water. We have an in-ground pool at my home and I was terrified to enjoy it. My big brother, Frankie would swim everyday and chase his toys. He loved it. However, I would refuse to get near the pool. My mommy would try to coax me with treats (which are my favorite) and toys.
My mommy took me to visit Mary Beth at SandDancer Canine Swim Fitness. Mary Beth understood my fears and was very patient with me. She would spend time with me on the steps of her pool and just hold me and massage me. She slowly exposed me to the water but made me feel safe and secure. My mommy was able to stay on the pool deck so I felt safe.
I was very afraid the first couple of visits. By the third visit, I realized I absolutely loved to swim. I now know why Frankie loves it so much!
I am so happy that I love swimming. It is all because I have such a wonderful teacher! My mommy says that Mary Beth is a very patient, compassionate and kind teacher. We are forever grateful to Mary Beth for turning me into a swimming puppy!
I just know that I will now be spending many summers swimming in my pool with my big brother Frankie.

Thank you Mary Beth!"