About Us

SandDancer is the ultimate indoor warm water canine therapy and fitness facility. Our focus is on your dog's physical and emotional health and well being, as well as improving and extending his or her quality of life.

We provide a safe, calm, controlled swim experience. Our one-on-one sessions are guided by a Certified Warm Water Swim Specialist and designed specifically for each dog's individual needs. Sessions often include a combination of specific movement exercises, massage therapy and energy work.

Our pool is meticulously temperature and hygienically controlled to ensure a healthy, safe swim environment for every dog.

We invite you to sit, stay and relax in the tranquility of our spa-like setting to observe your dog's swim experience.

Veterinarians often recommend therapeutic swimming for dogs recovering from surgery, or for injured and geriatric dogs; however, healthy dogs also benefit. The buoyancy of water reduces stress on joints, supports free movement and provides a safe environment for low-impact exercise.

Arthritis treatment
Weight loss and management
Low-impact, cardio workout
Increasing mobility and range of motion
Building muscle strength and flexibility
Improving joint injury and lameness
Relieves pain from dysplasia
Post-surgery rehabilitation
Confidence-building; decreasing anxiety & stress
Improving circulation
Reducing inflammation
Increasing coordination and balance
Mental stimulation and building trust
Relaxing and having fun!