Nicole Barmore

My interest in learning canine hydrotherapy started in 2013 when I brought my senior Labrador to start her swim sessions at SandDancer. I saw the benefits and that made me very excited to explore training in that profession. I completed my training in March of 2014. I find working with dogs very rewarding.  It brings a smile to my face when the dogs I swim improve their mobility and their arthritis pain decreases.


Pat Bruce 

I started at Sand Dancer as a client with my dog, Arthur after he had torn both rear ACLs. After 6 months of rest and a variety of therapies, the vet recommended we start with swim therapy. The results were immediate and after a few months of swimming twice a week Arthur was able to walk upright and "be a dog" again. I went for my certification in 2015 and continue to be amazed at the results I see dogs achieve no matter what brings them to us here at Sanddancer. It is very rewarding to see a client progress in the water and to see how happy and excited they are to be here. I am forever grateful for the opportunity to be part of what Sanddancer provides to dogs and families. 

Kathy Chatt

While working as a Veterinary Technician in New Hampshire, I had the opportunity to see many dogs that struggled with mobility issues through injury or aging.  And then it hit home  My 10 month old Greater Swiss Mountain Dog, Lexi, was struggling with spinal issues, which caused her to have trouble walking.  Fortunately I found a pool offering therapy for dogs.  Getting Lexi through the diagnosis, surgery and recovery convinced me that warm water therapy was beneficial and I didn't want to be without it for my dog.  I signed up for training!  With the problems Lexi had early in life I worried about how long I would have her.  I'm confident swimming contributed to the quality of the time we shared!

Susi Rosinski

I bring to SandDancer my highly regarded skills as a healer in Dao Yin Qigong energy healing. In 2008 I became a Karuna Reiki Practitioner and in 2011 studied Massage Therapy for canines, felines & equines.

In 2014 I met Mary Beth and became intrigued by the benefits of the warm water therapy for dogs. The energy healing along with the water is truly fabulous.